- Navy Crypto Field is making a new naval battle strategy game with Wemix -

Compete and win against players around the world with a variety of warships! Win against the World!

Compete in the real time online PvP and PvE battles in different game modes against players around the world in historical realistic online action game Navy Crypto Field

Realtime online PvP and PvE action battles. More than 500+ Battleships! Control legendary naval warships of USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Soviet Union, France and Italy. Pick your favorite among the coolest destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines! Command your warships and aircrafts to attack enemy from sky, sea and underwater.

Customize your warships. Upgrade your battleships for different types of performance! Choose your own strategy based on big guns, torpedoes, hedgehog, fighters, dive bombers, torpedo bombers, mine and airstrikes. Train your crew to get best ship's performance.


Historic naval battles of World War 2. Dive into realistic naval battles of World War 2 in Campaign Mode. From Europe to the Pacific Ocean! Lead every war to victory and show what you’ve got!

Fleet. Join or create your own clan to fight with your friends against enemies. Cooperate with clan allies to rule the ocean. Communicate in chat and cooperate with allies for victory. Bring your clan to epic Conquest World mode and take control resources and territories. Make your own Great Fleet!


Welcome aboard Commander!